Frequently Asked Questions:


What if I don’t have a partner?/Do I need a partner?

You do not need a partner to learn to dance. In group classes, we learn to do things first by ourselves then we partner up. We use a rotation, so everyone gets to dance.  Everyone is in the same level, so you all learn together.  This is a fun and social way to learn. On private lessons, I can serve as you partner as you learn. Being in you arms, helps me really see how you are progressing thus I can help you better.  For male students who would feel more comfortable with a female instructor, I can connect you with a certified female instructor.up

What do I wear for my lessons? Do I need dance shoes?

Wear something comfortable and something you can move in. As far as footwear is concerned, wear something that has a leather sole. Rubber soles will prevent you from turning. And, something that is comfortably secured to your foot.  But, I always say, “wear something or something like what you would wear to go out dancing. You might as well get comfortable dancing in that kind of footwear right away.” If you decide after learning a little, you would like to pursue this activity a little more seriously, then you might want to invest in dance shoes. Proper footwear in any physical activity can help with performance. Court shoes for court sports, running shoes for running, bowling shoes for bowling, you get the point.up

I have no rhythm and two left feet! Am I a lost cause?

Remember, it’s not your job to learn, but my job to teach. My experience tell me that anyone who has a desire to learn, can. My teaching method will adjust to your learning style and with private lessons, I can adjust to your pace. With over 20 years of teaching, I have yet to meet the individual who can’t learn to dance. (And, I have spare ‘rights’ in the back)up

Will people stare at me if I mess up?

Probably, with uncontrolled laughter. Shame and embarrassment is a powerful teaching tool.  Not really.  Actually, I too was concern about that when I walked into my first Dance Studio, but what I found was that Dance Studio’s are filled with people who have all felt that same way.  Everyone was a beginner at one time and came to learn.  Most studio’s cultivate a environment that is safe for learning and expression.  Also, don’t be afraid to mess up.  In fact, when my wife and I go out dancing, she messes up all the time….  Well, we both do.  But learning to dance doesn’t mean you’ll be perfect out on the dance floor.  In fact, one of the things you will learn is ‘how to fix on the fly’, which makes messing up part of the learning process.up

Is ballroom dancing really exercise?

That’s what they say. What I always say is that “Ballroom Dancing is a full contact, year-round, co-ed sport.” I have had many students who have expressed to me how they were surprised how dancing has improved their stamina, posture, coordination, flexibility and strength. It’s such a surprise because they typically don’t know they are exercising. They’re just enjoying the music, the company and the freedom of expression that ballroom dancing can provide. Everyone’s physical condition is different and you get what you put into it. If you want ballroom dancing to be part of your ‘good health’ plan, let me know and I can help you. Otherwise, enjoy the many other benefits of Ballroom Dancing.up

How do I start?

Optimally, start with private lessons. Learning to dance is all about muscle memory. Creating good habits and minimizing bad habits. The beginning is important because it’s where you create those habits that will serve you for the rest of your dancing. Private lessons, because of the personalized attention, will focus on the habits you need to develop, thus creating a good foundation for all of your dancing needs. When you do take group lessons, you will get so much more out of them.

If group classes are what you are more comfortable with, join any class that are open for beginners with no perquisites. Also, start with a general Ballroom Dance Class, rather than a Single Dance Class. Dance is more the same than different, so it’s possible, and more effective, to work on more than 1 dance at a time, especially, in the beginning.up

Do you have lessons designed for weddings?

Why yes, I’m so glad you asked. Learn more…up

Where do you teach private lessons?

Generally, I use ballroom dance studios. These studio’s have a common ballroom floor for teachers like myself to teach lessons. Having a private lesson does not mean we will have a private room. Private rooms are sometimes available however at an additional cost. There are 4 main studios I use, located in Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Duluth and Tucker.up

Would group classes or private lessons be better for me?

I believe in the three way teaching system, utilizing private lessons, group classes and practice sessions. Group classes are utilized to learn general information about dancing. Also they are social and cost effective. Private lessons are beneficial because you will have your instructors full attention, developing the skills specific to your particular needs and goals. Practice sessions are quite simply opportunities to go out dancing. If you have the time and the resources a student should take advantage of it all.up

Do you offer make-up classes for the group classes?

Unfortunately, I do not. However, we do review each class past material (especially if material is necessary for future lessons). In some classes I have review videos to help in the learning process.up

How long are your lessons?

All lessons are 50 minutes long. I encourage students to come early, get your shoes on and warm yourself up. So that when the lesson starts we can hit the floor learning.up

Can you come to my location for lessons or a party?

Depends on your location. First, if you are speaking about a private home, no. If it is your church, community center, or a place of business, then yes. I am available to come to you for a private lesson or a group class. It all depends on scheduling. Just give me a call or email me with the details of your needs.up

How do I know what dances I should learn?

If you’re new and you are starting with group classes, take a general ballroom class first. This kind of class will give you an overview of the most popular ballroom dances. Besides the different dances in partnership is more the same than different in the beginning. You’ll learn how to hold each other, which foot to start on – different basic elements that are utilized in all dances. If you are starting with private lessons, the first initial lessons will be also spent covering basic partnership concepts. And then you’ll move on to specific dances.up

Do I have to purchase more than one Private lesson at a time?

With private lessons, you do not have to purchase more than one lessons at a time. However, there are discounts when you do purchase in packages of lessons.up

What is the difference between drop in classes and series classes?

With group classes, I depends if a class is designated as a series or drop in. Drop in class are designated as such because the material in a specific class is not dependent on material of a previous class. Therefore, new students joining in will not feel lost and/or slow the rest of the class down. Series classes are designated as such because the material was meant to be covered over the course of a specific number of lessons. Series classes do not allow people to drop in because, a new person joining the class in the middle of the series will only slow the class down.up

How long will it take me to learn to be a good dancer?

Tough question to answer. Everyone has different definitions of what a good dancer is and everyone comes in with different skills and learning abilities. However, I’ll have you up on the floor having fun on the very first lesson. It is my mission to have progress on every lesson. It will be up to you on how far you want to go.up

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson?

If you need to reschedule your lesson, I ask that you give me 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for the lesson. I understand life happens and things come up, it happens in my life too. 24 hour notice can help me to re book that times slot or saves me a trip around town.up